Senior Style Team Application

Hey there! I am so excited you have chosen to apply for the Lindsay Corrigan Photography (LCP) Senior Style Team for the class of 2020!

Applications are due SUNDAY, MARCH 17, 2019 by 11:59pm.

The following week, chosen applicants will be invited to bring a parent or guardian to attend a one on one Meet & Greet with Lindsay. At this meeting, attendees and parents will be interviewed to see if the Style Team is the best fit for them. This is also a great time to ask Lindsay any questions!

Check out all the details about the Style Team are here:

IMPORTANT: the Style Team is a free program, but each member must purchase a Senior Solo Shoot Package from Lindsay Corrigan Photography to occur between May 1, 2019 & April 1, 2020. The investment for the package is $600 + tax (Team Members will get 15% off this price and all purchases through June 1, 2020). Applying for the Style Team does not include any obligation to book a session. If applicant decides to join the Stye Team, the applicant must pay a deposit of $200 towards his or her senior solo shoot package.
Please specify Please select Senior Style Team below to affirm that you are a girl or guy who absolutely LOVES Lindsay's photographic style, wants to book a Senior Solo Shoot with Lindsay and is currently attending a high school located in Lenoir, Greene, Wayne, Pitt, Craven, Jones or Duplin counties in the state of North Carolina, USA and will graduate from high school in May or June of 2020.
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Please take a few moments to speak to your parents or guardians about Lindsay Corrigan Photography & the Style Team program and why you are so excited about it.

Also, mention to them that Lindsay would love to meet them if you get accepted when you attend a Team Meet & Greet on March 28.
Please mention to them that Lindsay would love to meet them if you get accepted when you attend a Team Meet & Greet on March 28.
Please specify Please give at least one of your parents' or guardians' names for LCP to contact.
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THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I know that was a lot of questions. Just think of it as college application practice :)

I will be in touch during the week of March 17 to let you know if you are invited to the Style Team!

Please contact me if you have any questions at all! 252-626-6762

<3 Lindsay